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Does your dog need a little extra socialization?  Practice listening with distractions around? Are you just looking for a fun activity to do with your dog?  Keep an eye on our Instagram for all the datails! 

Recall Program

Day Training Program 

Personalized Pup Program

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The Recall Program is a private 3-4 week program in Lake Country BC.  In this class we teach you how to teach your dog to have the perfect recall skills, no matter what the distraction is. The Recall program can also include E-collar training.  The E-collar is a great way to communicate on a whole new level with your dog.   We recommend starting this program when your dog is 6 months of age, or older. We have great success with adult dogs as well! Perfect recall takes practice, but here at Unleashed we are confident we can give your dog a better Unleashed life!  

$600.00  (E collar not included in this price) 

This Includes 

- 3 private lessons in Lake Country 

-1 field trip 

-unlimited text support 

The Day Training Program is a great option if you want a well behaved dog but have a busy life.  You drop your dog off in Lake Country  (pick ups can be arranged if needed) for a total of 1 hour per session, twice a week,  for 3 weeks. (total of 6 sessions).  In this program your dog will get multiple field trips to busy locations, practice strong basic obedience, loose leash walking, calm training & more.  

Staring at $700.00 (E collar not included in this price) 

This includes 

-6 private sessions 

- multiple field trips 

-unlimited text support 

The Personalized Pup Program is tailored to you & your dogs lifestyle. You will receive 4 private lessons in Lake Country or Vernon B.C. This program includes loose leash walking, confidence building, beginning stages of heeling & more. This program is suitable for dogs of all ages!

staring at $660.00 

(E collar not included in this price)

This Includes

-4 Private lessons 

-1-2 field trips 

-unlimited text support 

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